Universum Studio Automatik System 6000 (F2092) – (Micro Seiki)

Manufactured in the late 70’s by Micro Seiki for Universum, the Universum 6000 is a pleasant surprise.

I was curious about this device manufactured by Micro-Seiki, it is a nice, quiet, stable and beautiful device.
S-shaped arm, fully automatic, direct drive, selection of 3 record sizes, repeat function and automatic return at the end of the record.
Micro Seiki being a specialist, made several turntables for other manufacturers who did not have their own production. Some quite good and affordable, as is the case with this one.
Performance specifications are good, signal to noise ratio 60dB, while wow/flutter is around 0.04%.
All in all, these devices are well worth it, the only downside is that they are not RCA, they are DIN5, conversion is required.

Some models that have passed through my hands:

Type: fully automatic
Drive method: direct drive
Platter: 300mm aluminium alloy
Speeds: 33 and 45rpm
Wow and flutter: 0.04%
Signal to noise ratio: 60dB
Tonearm: static balanced, J-shape
Effective length: 209mm
Fitted cartridge: AT11
Dimensions: 450 x 164 x 355mm

1 thought on “Universum Studio Automatik System 6000 (F2092) – (Micro Seiki)”

  1. Marko von Oldermann

    very good review and well designed player, design peak for me.
    do you have any idea, maybe someone want to sell this player? I am grateful for any information.

    greetings form estonia
    Marko von Oldermann

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