Realistic Lab 400

This Realistic Lab 400 is a surprising good turntable. Simple, well-made, great sound and that’s it.
Nice motor, simple in mechanical parts, good quality metal and wood, and a great looking turntable too.

Realistic turntables back in 1978 where built by C.E.C.(OEM company in Japan) they made models for various brands and knew what they were doing, this one is a 2-speed, fully automatic, direct drive with repeat function and record size selection.

The Lab 400 retailed for $199.95 USD in 1978, and you never have to touch the tonearm. Just pick the correct record size and push start.

The base is an attractive walnut veneer and it came with 2 motors;
The 16 pole brushless DC servomotor with ratings of 0.03% wow and flutter and better than 63dB rumble.
And the tonearm has its own DC motor too, completely independent of the platter drive.

If you want a good-looking affordable vintage turntable, good performing and fully automatic, then this is the one for you.

I've had 4 of these. They are great...
again 3rd and 4th



Type: auto return turntable
Platter: 310mm, 1.4kg, aluminium alloy diecast
Motor: 16 pole brushless DC servo
Speeds: 33 and 45rpm
Pitch control: +-4%
Rumble: 65dB
Signal to noise ratio: better than 53dB
Wow and flutter: less than 0.03% WRMS
Tonearm: static balance type, tubular
Overall length: 302mm
Effective length: 220mm
Overhang: 15mm
Stylus force range: 0 to 4g
Cartridge weight: 4 to 10g
Cartridge: Realistic/Shure model R-100E
Dimensions: 143 x 450 x 355mm
Accessories: headshell with cartridge, counterweight and 45rpm adaptor
Weight: 7.2kg

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