Luxman R 1040

This is the beautiful LUXMAN R-1040 (1978) stereo receiver.

Luxman elegance, very good looking, genuine wood enclosure – Audiophile device.

LUXMAN it’s well known among audiophiles, sometimes referred to as “Japanese McIntosh”.

Very well built and in terms of design, with a  “futuristic” looking… it is one of the more attractive receivers from that era, minimalist faceplate and a yellow backlit display, adds a certain level of charm.

The 40W in 8 ohm that it offers are satisfying. Superb phono stage is great and the FM/AM reception is strong even without an outdoor antenna.

Vintage Luxman components are much sought after for their exceptional build quality and exquisitely balanced sound. The company also produced a design language that was more distinct than that of many of its competitors.

The sound of the R1040 is clean and detailed with a hint of warmth, supremely musical.

Watch the video:
Tuning range: FM, MW
Power output: 40 watts per channel into 8Ω (stereo)
Frequency response: 10Hz to 50kHz
Total harmonic distortion: 0.03%
Damping factor: 60
Input sensitivity: 2.5mV (MM), 150mV (line)
Signal to noise ratio: 69dB (MM), 89dB (line)
Dimensions: 485 x 353 x 175mm
Weight: 12kg
Year: 1978

4 thoughts on “Luxman R 1040”

  1. Hi I just bought one as on pension these are getting hard to get I had the r1050 but the class got broke in shipping and just drove me crazy so I sold it and I feel sorry every day since so I know the sound it’s just great and I am hoping the r 1040 will be the same
    But if you can find one buy it they are good thx Rzy D

    1. Hello.
      Thanks for sharing.
      I’ve never had the opportunity to test any of this series other than the Luxman R 1040, but from what I see in the diagrams the Luxman R 1050 is very identical except for the variations for more power.
      The sounds must be very similar. I say…
      But if anyone has had the opportunity to test both, please give your opinion.

  2. I have had all the R1xx Luxman’s. When fully restored, the R1040 has better thd specs. 0.03 vs 0.05 for the R1050 and you can hear the difference with proper speakers and source materiel. Of course, the R1120 is the best of this line. The R117 is also exceptional

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