Denon DP-47F

This is the Denon DP-47F and it’s one of the reasons why the Denon name is a legend in the HI-FI audio world.A fully automatic Direct-Drive Turntable from 1985 with a beautiful rosewood finish, good build quality and smooth automatic movements.A fantastic turntable with very good sound and gorgeous looks.

The Denon DP-47F features an automatic disc size detection system, a low-mass straight arm with Q damping method.

By pressing the locate button, the arm is moved to any desired location on the disc where playback is initiated.

The DP-47F also features Denon’s bidirectional quartz servo and electronic braking system combined with a magnetic speed detector in conjunction with the quartz lock that ensures stable rotational performance.

The controls are easy to use and are located on the outside of the protective cover.

The weak point is that the whole thing is controlled via Denon microprocessors, which have been out of production for a number of years, and in the event of a malfunction are difficult to repair and only available used…

All in all it’s a superb record player, super accurate design and engineering, great automatic performance.

If you can find one in good condition, don’t hesitate, you will be as well served, or even better served, than with any new device you buy nowadays.

I've had 3 of these, they are great...
Drive system: servo controlled direct drive
Speeds: 33.33 and 45rpm
Wow and flutter: below 0.010% WRMS
S/N ratio: over 78dB
Platter: 310mm aluminium die-cast
Motor: linear drive
Speed control system: speed servo by frequency detection, phase servo control
Arm type: dynamically balanced, straight tube tonearm
Effective length: 220mm
Overhang: 16mm
Dimensions: 434 x 179 x 410mm
Weight: 8.5kg

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