Sansui FR 5080

This beautiful Sansui FR 5080 is a great turntable, manufactured between 1979-80, top model of Sansui FR series, very well built… A sample of Sansui’s build quality. Sound amazing, auto start, auto return, repeat function and a very quite mechanism.Solid and heavy construction, the turntable weight around 13kg. Combines automatic convenience and direct drive precision […]

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Luxman PD 291

This turntable surprised me, I knew it was good, but it is really very good. Luxman PD-291 or PX-100, they are identical, and differ only in appearance and their value at the time was around 440 USD. Quartz lock, fully automatic with optically monitored mechanism and repeat function. The PD-291 had, according to Australian Hi-Fi

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Akai AP 307

The Akai AP’s were good, and the 307 being the top of the range was the cherry on the cake, because it had everything, and Akai knew what they were doing… You couldn’t ask for more, quartz-lock, direct drive, fully automatic, 3 record size selection and strobe light.Built in 1978-79 with lots of quality and

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Akai AP 206

Manufactured in 1978-79, the AKAI AP 206 is a solid, direct-drive turntable with good build quality. Akai had a pretty good build quality, it surprises.S-shaped arm, Semi-Automatic with automatic return at the end of the record.Performance specs are good, signal to noise ratio 70dB, while wow/flutter is around 0.035%.On this particular model the original wood

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Universum Studio Automatik System 6000 (F2092) – (Micro Seiki)

Manufactured in the late 70’s by Micro Seiki for Universum, the Universum 6000 is a pleasant surprise. I was curious about this device manufactured by Micro-Seiki, it is a nice, quiet, stable and beautiful device.S-shaped arm, fully automatic, direct drive, selection of 3 record sizes, repeat function and automatic return at the end of the

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Pioneer PL 560

Built in 1978-79, the PL 560 is a Pioneer jewel, top of the line at the time, fully automatic with Quartz Lock. You can’t ask for more. The Pioneer PL-560 is a direct drive turntable built to last, with no belt, it will keep playing non-stop for decades…  The similarities between the Pioneer PL 560,

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