Pioneer PL 570 – XL A700s

The Pioneer PL-570 (or XL A700S in the Japanese version) was Pioneer’s top of the range in 1977-1979, and is, in my opinion, one of Pioneer’s best and most beautiful turntables. Big in size, looks and performance. Quartz PLL Direct-Drive Motor Fully-Automatic Turntable. The wood and chrome set is perfect, perfect when it’s working, unfortunately […]

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Technics SL-1200 mk2

The SL-1200 Mark 2 was introduced in 1979 as an update to the SL-1200. It represented a culmination of Technics Turntable Innovations. The mkII was released with a Quartz Locked Phase control system providing exceptional pitch accuracy and an aluminium diecast cabinet which had a special heavy-duty rubber base to isolate the turntable from external

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Denon DP-47F

This is the Denon DP-47F and it’s one of the reasons why the Denon name is a legend in the HI-FI audio world.A fully automatic Direct-Drive Turntable from 1985 with a beautiful rosewood finish, good build quality and smooth automatic movements.A fantastic turntable with very good sound and gorgeous looks. The Denon DP-47F features an

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Technics SL-1200 (mk1)

Launched more than 40 years ago, in October 1972, (by the Japanese – Matsushita), originally for the domestic hi-fi market, the SL-1200 quickly became the turntable of choice for DJs, producers and radio stations. Featured a servo-controlled mechanism and EPA-120 tonearm it was one of the very first direct-drive turntables, it boasted much better speed

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Fisher MT 6250

This is the beautiful and rare Fisher MT 6250, manufactured between 1979-80. A very high quality piece, top of the range of the brand at the time. Semi-Automatic, it has Quartz Lock, Direct Drive and Magnetic Brake… It is a turntable with unique characteristics, motor with driving coils, silent which makes the aluminium platter with

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Hitachi HT 460

The Hitachi HT-460 is a full automatic turntable, very nice, with excellent performance, manufactured between 1977-78, top of Hitachi HT series at the time. Great sound, automatic with repeat function and a very quiet mechanism. It has a good tonearm, weight indexes are very accurate, phenomenal sound…. The uni-torque motor maintains a perfect movement, right

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