Yamaha CA-810

This is the magnificent Yamaha CA-810, one of the finest examples of Yamaha material from the 1970s, the unit is built with precision, like a Swiss watch, you can spend a long time playing with the knobs and levers because they are so fantastic. Beautiful with its 2 “VU” power meters on the front panel, […]

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Yamaha A-1060

This is the beautiful and rare Yamaha Natural Sound Stereo Amplifier A-1060, top of the range from 1981-1983. Yamaha spared no expense with the A-1060: The structure was carefully organised like that of the A-1 or the Japanese A-9, the chassis entirely made of copper, “Shark Fin” heatsinks, fully shielded preamplifier, X power supply and

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Yamaha A-960

Natural Sound Integrated Stereo Amplifier (1980-82) Yamaha in these series had excellent phono preamps built in, it was rare at the time they were launched to see something with a modern look have a 6-position phono selector and a DISC Direct… switch. for LPs. Good yamaha!!! The sound is clean and powerful, with pleasant dynamics,

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