Sansui G-4700

This is the Sansui G4700 from the late 70s. I was impressed with the warm and powerful sound it produces, it seems to have well over 50 watts per channel. Overall, Sansui’s G-X700 series was remarkable, it had some of the best looking receivers of the late 70s, and although the G4700 was at the […]

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Marantz SR6010 DC

This is the Marantz SR6010DC Stereophonic Receiver from 1981. The SR 6010 DC was actually an updated version of the SR 6000 DC, which came out in 1979, they look very identical. It came out in the transition from Marantz brand to Philips so it is not clear who made it… 1979 would indicate Marantz

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Luxman R 1040

This is the beautiful LUXMAN R-1040 (1978) stereo receiver. Luxman elegance, very good looking, genuine wood enclosure – Audiophile device. LUXMAN it’s well known among audiophiles, sometimes referred to as “Japanese McIntosh”. Very well built and in terms of design, with a  “futuristic” looking… it is one of the more attractive receivers from that era,

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Kenwood KR 6050

This is the Kenwood KR 6050 High Speed DC Stereo Receiver from 1979-80. It’s big (bigger than most stereo receivers), loud, and beautiful. It was about in the middle of the Kenwood line at the time, in my opinion, the 50 series, is one of the best-looking vintage receivers that Kenwood made, very nice metal

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Hitachi SR 903

Well… I like Hitachi, I think they made great stuff, and this, is one excellent receiver. When you ear Hitachi you don’t think that this company had created audio stuff that could compete with big names in vintage audio like Sansui, Pioneer, Kenwood or Marantz. You have to check Hitachi receivers, specially the TOTL twin

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